Coronavirus Doctor Diaries

A collection of reflections from doctors facing the Coronavirus pandemic.

Do you have a story to tell?

We would love to continue to add reflections to our coronavirus doctor diaries as the pandemic progresses. Share your reflections and archive this momentous time in our lives.

A day in the life of

Some wonderfully written, insightful reflections of doctors' day to day life working on the frontline

A day in the life of an ICU doctor

A day in the life of an ICU reg

Journal entries from Anaesthetic doctor Dr Jenny Abthorpe

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GP triage covid doc

A day in the life of a GP triage covid doc

Dr Ruth Gibson, OOH GP, reflects on what it is like to work in a new GP triage covid hub

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A day in the life of an A&E doc

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A day in the life of a surgical registrar

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Video blogs

Insightful video reflections from doctors facing the pandemic

Decontaminating to keep our families safe

A video from one of the team, sharing how she arrives home safely after a day at work

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DAUKs plea for PPE

DAUK's plea for PPE

A powerful message projected onto the Houses of Parliament

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The weekly tribute to our nation's keyworkers

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you clap for me now

You Clap For Me Now

A powerful poem read out line-by-line by key workers who are first, second and third-generation immigrants.

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