Decontaminating to keep our families safe

Lauren shares her "getting home safely" routine after a day out doing home visits as a GP in the pandemic.

Like many doctors around the world, I have become well rehearsed now at my “getting home safely” routine.

After being out on home visits, in possibly very contaminated environments, I feel you can never be too careful! I created this video of what I do to try minimise the risk of bringing anything home after my working day.

I am very aware there are many doctors out there who are just not taking the risk and are staying away from their family home. So to those I am sending love and strength to carry on with your efforts in this fight.

Decontaminating to keep our families safe

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Lauren Colquhoun

Lauren is a portfolio GP in Central Scotland, with a passion for women's health and lifestyle medicine. She is a Team Partner and Content Lead here at Medic Footprints.