Medic Footprints is the largest organisation in the world that focuses on Diverse Careers and Wellbeing for Doctors.

We are a social impact for-profit organisation which leverages the talent of doctors and other medical professionals by connecting them with career opportunities beyond boundaries.


Our mission statement is to:

ensure all doctors are happy in what they do

connect talented doctors with amazing career opportunities


We do this by;

  • Raising the visibility of the wealth of careers available to doctors, beyond traditional medicine
  • Promote bespoke wellbeing initiatives for doctors
  • Supporting doctors to achieve their true career potential by developing invaluable skills and networks beyond clinical practice; essential for great medical leaders in any domain.
  • Working closely with and advising diverse organisations who provide diverse career opportunities for doctors

We believe that these actions are key in ensuring doctors to make informed choices about career transitioning – with the objective to ensure that they gain meaningful satisfaction in their life and careers. This translates to a much improved quality of patient care in a healthcare setting and leadership in a range of sectors.

To find out more about how we do it – check out our article on Alternative Careers for Doctors