Dr Sarah Todd, a retainer GP from North Derbyshire, shares a beautiful poem she wrote about being shielded in the covid-19 pandemic


A poem in COVID-19

My mind is racing

But my body goes nowhere.

Trapped within the confines of our four walls

With those I love

Day after day. The novelty is gone now.

Some days I have to work.

I lock myself in and connect to screens

With wires

Sometimes I forget we’re working as a team

We stay apart

To protect ourselves

And others.

There are people dying


It is coming closer. And we cannot stop it.

I have to get out of the house

It makes me feel breathless

thinking too much.

I run.

Into the cold sunshine.

Feel the wind on my face.

For a bit I do feel better. A little bit.

I can breathe. I fill my lungs with air.

Then I return home. Close the door.

And I start thinking again.

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Sarah Todd

Sarah is retainer GP in North Derbyshire, currently working from home on "stringent social distancing" for health reasons. Her husband is a primary school teacher and illusionist, and they have adopted two children, now aged 9 and 3. She is a Christian and a keen martial artist. One day she hopes to become a black belt GP

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