GP in the time of Covid

GP Francesca Cappelluto shares a wonderful poem reflectiing on the working life as a gp during the pandemic

It’s 2am I’m wide awake

So many decisions I’ve had to make

Was the phlegm white or green?

Was that a patient I should have seen?

An elderly lady has lost her son

I know she won’t be the only one

All I want to do is hold her hand

But due to COVID touching is banned

The way we work had changed so much

Missing the healing human touch

PPE to don and doff

Always asking, have I done enough?

Despite the changes we are still here

GPs are open, do not fear

We may have to consult on the phone

For headaches, spots or achy bones

It may be a challenge, it may be hard

But we can still help though from afar

Call us, let us do our job

Even if all you want to do is sob

We always want to do our best

This has constantly been our quest

So phone or video, sometimes in person

We’ll beat this disease of that I’m certain

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Francesca Cappelluto

Francesca is a GP retainer working in a practice in Surrey. Mum of 3 and general multitasker!

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