The “Clap for our Carers” tribute is a weekly event that encourages everyone in the UK to applaud the NHS and all key workers from their doorsteps, windows or balconies. The nation comes together at 8pm every Thursday to show their appreciation for our frontline healthcare heroes, emergency and armed services, delivery drivers, shop workers, teachers, waste collectors, public transport staff, manufacturers, postal workers, cleaners, vets, engineers and all key workers who are all helping to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

For those doctors at work during the #clapforourcarers, it is a moment to come to together to cheer with your team. Dr Kiran Rahim shares her experience of celebrating with the paediatric team at Homerton Hospital:

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Last week I rallied the troops on our wards and stood in front of this camera to #clapforourcarers and support my colleagues on the #frontline . We cheered as a team with all of YOU in the UK and Ireland stood at your windows and doors to clap for the NHS staff . The clapping was cathartic and for a shotrwhile I took comfort in the buzz. That comfort, that joy and that feeling of 'we are in this together' faded as I returned to work the next day. It faded because there is still no PPE. It faded because I watched Boris come on TV again and lie that there was enough equipment. There isnt. We aren't all in this together. Some of us are lambs to the slaughter . My problem isnt with the goodwill. My problem is that goodwill towards the NHS rarely translates into political action. It doesnt translate into solidarity that demands adequate pay rises for the people that log hundreds of unpaid hours. It doesnt translate into rights to work under human condition. To have facilities to rest, to eat to drink or a safe working environment. . The coronavirus has brutally exposed what a decade of austerity and cuts to public funds have done. That we dont have enough PPE, ventilators and beds was a longtime coming. When this is all over, we will record in history books how our government failed to keep its citizens safe. How 10years of austerity failed the public. How 10 years of austerity let its doctors, nurses and vulnerable perish. The books wont record the claps or goodwill, but the scores of deaths that this pandemic willl no doubt leave behind . #coronavirus #Covid19 #coronavirusuk #stayhome #stayhomechallenge #stahomesavelives #stayhomestaysafe #influencer #pandemic #flu #viralillness #coronavirusuk #publichealth #nhs #nhsmillions #muslimmamas #corona #coronavirusoutbreak #ukmumsquad #ukmums #londonblog #quarantine #covid2019 #halallondon #muslimnews #frontline #frontlineworkers #halallondon

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