Small Acts of Kindness


small acts of kindness

Dr Sonal Shah, GP and lifestyle medicine practitioner, reflects on how small acts of kindness can really help lift our spirits during these difficult days facing the pandemic.

Small Acts of Kindness

This evening I’m feeling sad. Out of the blue, a wave of sadness arrived. I want the world to go back to normal. I don’t want to live in constant fear – fear for my family, fear for my patients and fear for myself. I don’t want people to lose their livelihoods. I don’t want to write death certificate, after death certificate.

As I drive to work, I see others around me – flaunting the rules, walking around as if they are invincible. If only they could see the damage they are doing. I feel angry that they can be so selfish.

I miss my mum, I want her yummy food.
I miss my mother in law and her huge hugs.
I miss my sister, don’t know when I will see her next.
I miss my sister-in-law, and our late evening milk-shake runs.
I miss my gran, I want to hold her hand and tell her I love her.

But through darkness, there is always hope. I’m not in this, alone. My sister in law, must have known how I was feeling and sent me some home made cheesecake, and just like that my sadness evaporated. Yes of course the yummy dessert made me feel good, but most importantly – I was reminded that I am surrounded by so much love – someone has my back.

And LOVE always trumps fear, anger and sadness. So anyone else who maybe feeling sad, it’s ok, but this moment too shall pass.

Sending lots of love from me to you.

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Sonal, aka The Living Well GP., is an NHS GP, Certified practitioner in lifestyle medicine, author and blogger.

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