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  • Gain clarity in your best next steps
  • Uncover new career opportunities with our network
  • Experience career freedom & lifestyle autonomy
  • Change careers without the threat of burnout

Transformational Career Coaching

Gain clarity on your BEST next steps and work through some mindset challenges to help you take greater strides.

Our membership includes 1 complimentary coaching session with one of our selected MF Approved Coaches

You can access subsequent sessions at a discounted rate

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Develop your standout CV & LinkedIn Profile

Get started on your irresistible CV with 1 CV & LinkedIn appraisal per year - bespoke feedback delivered by us on video and email

Complimentary Events with Doctors in Career Change

Receive online group mentoring from our team and likeminded doctors

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Discounts and Complimentary Access to Webinars

We offer a range of engaging webinars on various topics of career change. Many are either free or discounted for MF Premium members, with ongoing access to recordings that non-members don't have!

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Get exclusive access to our podcast recordings - as soon as they are recorded! Otherwise, not released to the general public for several months!

Discounted or Complimentary tickets to Medic Footprints or Partner Events

We offer you first access and discounted tickets to our signature conference, and manage to bag high value tickets as media partners for other external events.

Exclusive Member Discounts

Get a discount off Career Coaching with our MF Approved Coaches, CV and LinkedIn Services

My journey to a job at Google Health started off with Medic Footprints linking me to a medical education startup, and later another large health tech company. Thanks for all the work you’re doing Abeyna!

Medical Doctor


I gained invaluable insights into consultancy and now feel more confident in pursuing a career in global and public health. Thank you to Abeyna Bubbers-Jones

Specialist Registrar

Thank you so much for your efforts and encouragement for some of us needing an alternative occupation after obstacles in our medical careers.


It was lovely to connect with other Doctors at different stages in their transition and helpful to hear about their rich experiences , challenges and how they are trying to overcome them.

Junior Doctor

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  • It was extremely valuable to have your thoughts validated and to know that there are so many like minded people out there. Multiple methods of gaining access and information were shared which added even more value.

    Anju, Anaesthetist
  • Opportunity to connect with like minded people and hear from their experiences.

    Joanna, Consultant
  • Many thanks for providing great content on your website that is really useful and unique for my CPD portfolio

    Joe, Consultant
  • I wanted to let you know I’ve been selected to join a health tech coaching team and had interviews with a lifestyle medicine clinic – both advertised through your organisation!

    Deeya, GP
  • Thank you so much, I’m ever so grateful. You have no idea how much you helped me yesterday by just having that phone chat. Very grateful for all the wonderful work you do.

    Grace, Junior Doctor

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