Strong not silent

The Strong not silent campaign advocates for our need to share our struggles and open up the conversation around poor mental health

The strong not silent campaign was founded in 2018 by MANOR, and advocates for our need to share our struggles and open up the conversation around poor mental health. Nobody should suffer in silence. MANOR has partnered up with the suicide prevention charity, CALM (The Campaign Against Living Miserably), to raise awareness and fundraise for those on the frontline who are struggling.

This campaign has lead to many doctors opening up about their mental health during the pandemic, including Dr Zoe Williams, NHS GP and media medic/TV presenter:


Yes these are unprecedented times. We are at war and with war comes casualties. Deaths, physical injury and mental health injury too. Alongside this Covid-19 epidemic there is a mental health epidemic occurring and it can affect anyone. Nobody is immune.

I have anxiety. Every day I wake up to a moment of calm before the steam train hits me in the chest 🚂💥 as I’m reminded of COVID and it’s ugly fucking path of destruction. I feel anxious that I’m powerless against it’s wrath and can merely say kind words to my patients and share some carefully procured statements for the media – that are honest, whilst positive and give hope. I’m anxious that I will say the wrong thing or that my altered GP practice style will lead to harm.

But mostly… I’m just anxious.

Read the full article right here.

This amazing campaign is helping those who are struggling by normalising talking about our mental health.

“COVID-19 presents an unprecedented risk to our physical health, but there can be no true health without mental health. We must unite, be brave, speak out and let others know it’s ok to do the same. Self-isolation isn’t the only way we can save lives from our living rooms. We can talk. We can help someone reach out. We can help them save their lives.”

Medic Footprints very own GP and Team Partner, Lauren, also joins the campaign:

When you already carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, add in a pandemic and it can be crippling.

The immense pressure on so many key workers is stifling. Some overwhelmed with anxiety; some paralysed with fear. We are going to have a pandemic of mental health problems as a result of covid. What am I doing about it? I’m breaking the silence and starting the conversation.

Read the full post right here

If you are struggling, reach out to those around you. Alternatively, call CALM 365 days a year 5pm to midnight, on 0800 58 58 58 or webchat through


Check out our other wellbeing support services for doctors.

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Lauren Colquhoun

Lauren is a portfolio GP in Central Scotland, with a passion for women's health and lifestyle medicine. She is a Team Partner and Content Lead here at Medic Footprints.