Doctors in Industry Incubator

Doctors in Industry Incubator

A faster way for doctors to build a sustainable industry career


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Many doctors struggle with a lack of knowledge, structure and time when developing a career in industry.

So we designed this innovative flexible program to help you to build it faster and sustainably.

  • Move to industry faster
  • Get paid 6 figures plus
  • Build a sustainable career on your own terms

Moving to industry as a doctor, either as a solopreneur or an employee, can pave the pathway for an extraordinary and rewarding alternative career.

However, we see doctors experience the same frustrations time and time again…


  • The lack of structure and approach to developing a industry career is hugely confusing
  • You’re applying for multiple jobs without getting a single interview
  • Networking or selling feels like dirty words..
  • You’re currently experiencing burnout and can’t face another role that would make this worse


  • You want to flexibly work for yourself but concerned about comfortably paying the bills
  • You want to provide a service but not sure how to find clients that will pay
  • You think you need to take a massive pay cut to get started in industry
  • You’re aware you lack the commercial mindset needed to progress with any industry opportunity

Were any of these problems familiar to you?

What if we told you, the problem wasn’t YOU?

Doctors in Industry Incubator
What has helped you succeed as a doctor is a completely different skillset & mindset from what you need to develop a successful alternative career in industry.
Whether you decide to work for yourself or not.
It’s time to re-write your narrative. 
Doctors in Industry Incubator


We’ve helped doctors who have ended up in these companies and more..
doctors in industry

Who is Doctors in Industry Incubator for?

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We've designed this innovative program bespoke for doctors changing careers to wider industry opportunities.

This is aimed at doctors who want options!
By learning how to create a healthy foundation for different ways of working; or for developing a sustainable portfolio career.

doctors in industry

Employee in a company

Solopreneur providing a service based business (e.g. coaching, consulting, education)

The program is for doctors who are ready to make uncomfortable, yet life changing and ambitious strides towards a sustainable industry career that they LOVE.

Because that’s what is takes.

It’s not easy, and there are no shortcuts to make sustainable changes to your career.

However the transformational work you will do with us, will help you move and grow in your industry career faster.

We’ve designed it for doctors who can contribute towards helping us achieve our mission of connecting 1 million doctors to the best in diverse careers.

By investing in themselves, they can help scale up our efforts on achieving radical things and in turn, inspiring and helping other doctors.

Therefore this will work for you if you are a doctor who is:

  • Ready to invest in yourself
  • Looking to make transformational change in your career and life over time
  • Wanting to make a larger, more sustainable impact beyond day to day clinical practice
  • Value being part of a network of likeminded doctors who support each other to GROW

Doctors in Industry Incubator is not for you if

You are still undecided on making any career change

You're looking for an overnight / short term fix to your career challenges

You aren't ready to challenge yourself in order to achieve sustainable & impactful career success

You would prefer to have a spoon-fed approach to learning

doctors in industry

Dr. Abeyna Bubbers-Jones

Founders Story

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– Our value beyond traditional medical practice in the world of work is limitless.

If we’re unhappy with what we have today, it’s our responsibility as doctors to change this.

For the benefit of our patients, ourselves, healthcare and the world.


When I first started exploring alternative careers after many years of feeling like I’d made a huge mistake in pursuing medicine; I noticed something.

  • Doctors who had left medicine – did so mysteriously in a cloud of taboo.
  • Those who ‘succeeded’ in another career, seem to have done this either ‘accidentally’ or without much effort at all.
  • Doing another qualification (or 10), seemed to be the thing to do to prove one’s worth in another career. It was hugely costly in time and money – with no guarantees.
  • The lack of structure that I was used to, was a huge barrier for my moving forward.

The reality is – as a doctor – moving over to any career beyond conventional medical practice is HARD. 

Since (before) we started medical school, we’ve lived and trained in a bubble, designed to keep us working in a certain way in a pretty old institutional fashion. 

Our value beyond traditional medical practice in the world of work is limitless.

If we’re unhappy with what we have today, it’s our responsibility as doctors to change this.

For the benefit of our patients, ourselves, healthcare and the world.


So what did help me in my journey?

  • A self-designed structure on how to move forward
  • Insider information and inspiration from a vast network of doctors who had moved successfully into other career paths
  • Coaching and mentorship for my chosen path
  • A focused mindset
  • Time


With this, I was able to:

  • Create a career and lifestyle that directly suited my needs. I am now in full control of my work schedule, earn much more in less time, can take the holidays I want and spend precious time with my family and young children as they grow.
  • Gain invaluable insight into how to succeed in changing careers beyond the myth and folklore, by developing a powerful network of doctors with a similar mindset
  • Focus on the steps I needed to take to do so, without too much time and money wastage


And most importantly – 

Dedicate myself to supporting a global community of talented doctors seeking diverse careers to do the same on their own terms

Doctors like you!

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My journey to a job at Google Health started off with Medic Footprints linking me to a medical education startup, and later another large health tech company. Thanks for all the work you’re doing Abeyna!

Medical Doctor

Why work with me ?


  • Award winning entrepreneur - built my own company from scratch whilst in clinical practice
  • Practicing doctor with 17 years of NHS and Industry Experience
  • Mentored and inspired thousands of doctors in career change
  • Occupational Health Physician with specialist interest in doctors wellbeing
  • I have specialist expertise in recruiting doctors into industry - from the perspective of the doctor AND the employer, consulting with both
  • BBC Expert Voice featured in several media outlets including FT, Huffington Post, The Healthtech Podcast, The Times and more..
  • I've developed a "lifestyle & wellbeing first" sustainable approach to working - yet still ambitious and making a global impact
  • I'm a mum of 2 girls aged 2 and under.. working effectively with little time is an essential practice for me!


Testimonials from our Fellows

What can you achieve with the Doctors in Industry Incubator?

  • Get the roles you want faster
  • Command a 6 figure income or more in a role you love
  • Attract the people and opportunities that matter to you
  • Gain autonomy, freedom & greater confidence in your career

I gained invaluable insights into consultancy and now feel more confident in pursuing a career in global and public health. Thank you to Abeyna Bubbers-Jones

Specialist Registrar

Doctors in Industry Incubator Container

The Incubator container provides high quality 1-1 and group mentoring based around 4 key themes: Money, Mindset, Wellbeing and Commercial Service.

All with You and your Network in mind.

You also get enhanced MF Premium benefits which include:

doctors in industry

Monthly 1-1 Bespoke Career Strategy Sessions

Go from being stuck with Googling for answers to cracking the code of creating the career you desire.
Work on your Personal Development Plan, guided by MF Team doctors including our Founder: Dr. Abeyna Bubbers-Jones
Each session is 50 minutes long and booked at a time of your convenience

Worth £500+ per session

doctors in industry

CV and LinkedIn Appraisal with video and email feedback 

We all know first impressions matter and when you are applying for an opportunity. We review your existing CV and Linkedin profile, providing simple yet effective recommendations on how to improve them to get you closer to nailing the career you want.

Worth £250+ per appraisal

doctors in industry

Bespoke Personal Development Plan

We work with you on your high level career plan to help you move forward and keep you accountable

doctors in industry

Online Masterclasses and Mocktail Meetups

Exclusive access to group online sessions designed to help you develop the essential mindset and skills required to succeed in your career change to industry - whilst keeping you accountable on your journey.

All our Doctors moving to Industry Roundtables are complimentary for doctors on this program

doctors in industry

High value networks

Your network is your net worth. As a member you will have access to the extensive networks and expertise we have developed working with thousands of doctors in alternative career change.

doctors in industry

Access to invaluable Premium content

Live and recorded webinars, early access to podcasts, learning materials and more to help galvanise your career plans.

doctors in industry

Discount or complimentary tickets Medic Footprints or partner events

We're well known for our engaging conferences and events - and we also bag tickets to many of our partner events (some FREE!) which we pass onto you

doctors in industry

Exclusive Discounts off our our other services

These include with our MF Approved Career Coaches and more..!

doctors in industry


Thank you so much for your efforts and encouragement for some of us needing an alternative occupation after obstacles in our medical careers.




Apply to Join the Incubator TODAY

Accelerate your plans to a sustainable industry career you LOVE


How long is the program?

The program starts off with an initial 4 month commitment, called the Accelerator. This focuses on the essential foundations you need to move to industry including:

  • Clarify your Niche, Positioning and Message for uncovering the BEST industry opportunities
  • Begin building your high value network
  • Develop your own structure & framework to moving to industry faster

Doctors have successfully gotten jobs in this period and achieved their trimester goals!

After this period, we evaluate how you’ve progressed in the first 4 months and determine your suitability to continue on the program which is optimally for 12 months or longer as needed.

Which sectors do you cater for?

This program is designed for doctors moving into most sectors in industry, however the common ones are Management Consulting, Health Tech, Health and Wellness, Pharma and Coaching.

We have many doctors in our network who are already practicing successful careers in these sectors and can’t wait to connect you with them!

How much time commitment is there on this program?

This program is designed to be flexible around your other commitments; e.g. holidays, work, on calls, family, activities etc.!

Our minimum recommended time commitment to get the most out of your investment and to make continuous progression is approximately 3 hours a week.

This includes masterclasses, calls and personal development work.

All sessions are remote and will be recorded for your reference. We also aim to hold 1 in person retreat day per year.


Is getting a job or setting up a business the endpoint of the program?

Not at all.

Getting a job is a fantastic early milestone, however it’s actually the beginning of creating an important foundation for yourself in growing a career in industry.

The program is designed to not only help you move forward into industry, but to navigate some of the challenges you experience in building your personal brand in your role or as a solopreneur – as well as progressing into a great leader within your sector.

How is the program delivered?

Remotely (online) and includes a mixture of:

1:1 mentoring and coaching sessions where we deep dive into your challenges and career goals, co-developing your Personal Development Plan

Online collaborative group learning sessions with delivered content and peer 2 peer learning

1 in person retreat day


Who is delivering the program?

The program is led by Dr. Abeyna Bubbers-Jones and MF Team Doctors.

You will also benefit from teachings and mentorship from our extensive network of doctors and industry leaders from a diverse variety of organisations including management consultancy, health tech, health and wellness, pharma and more..

Is there a flexible payment plan?

Yes there is, more details will become available once your application is accepted.

Any there are any guarantees?

If you have fulfilled the below conditions and not achieved your goal (as agreed on Personal Development Plan) you will be entitled to a 3 month complimentary extension of membership.

Conditions of guarantee:
You have engaged for a min 80% of live sessions
You have completed ‘homework’ you have set yourself
You have shown evidence of of progress with the materials


What is your refund policy?

If you pay for the year upfront:

There will be a 2 week cooling off period. Admin fees +/- course fees if you have started, will be applicable if you choose to cancel your membership within this time.

We can also offer up to 4 months pause for exceptional circumstances on a case by case basis.


If you pay in split payments:

There will be a 2 week cooling off period. Admin fees +/- course fees if you have started, will be applicable if you choose to cancel your membership within this time.

Please note that if you decide to withdraw within the first 12 months, your payment for the whole year will still be due as you will have committed to completing a minimum of 12 months.


Do you have set intake dates?

This program will launch for the first time in April 2023.

Intake after this will be determined on a rolling basis as per application and space availability.

Do I have to be in the UK to join?

No. You can join this program from anywhere in the world!

This program seems to be for doctors who want to go to industry as solopreneurs or as employees. Why?

The skillset and mindset to do both are very similar with many overlaps.

We also recognise that many doctors do both as part of a portfolio career or as a stepping stone to one full time.

We believe it is essential that all doctors learn what’s required to succeed in both situations so they have flexible choice in how they develop their career over time.

We will have sessions which cater to both groups and sessions for defined interest groups.

doctors in industry


Don't just take our word for it. Click through to read the positive feedback we've received.

  • Many thanks for providing great content on your website that is really useful and unique for my CPD portfolio

    Joe, Consultant
  • I wanted to let you know I’ve been selected to join a health tech coaching team and had interviews with a lifestyle medicine clinic – both advertised through your organisation!

    Deeya, GP
  • Thank you so much, I’m ever so grateful. You have no idea how much you helped me yesterday by just having that phone chat. Very grateful for all the wonderful work you do.

    Grace, Junior Doctor

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