What are the Best Remote Working Opportunities for GPs?

In this episode, Abeyna and Dr. Virjee discuss the benefits and downsides of remote working, other remote on-clinical opportunities, and how to improve your clinical work.

Dr Farah Virjee is a GP and Clinical Lead at Digital Health Company Livi. She also works as an NHS GP in a physical practice alongside this.

In this episode, Abeyna and Dr. Farah cover:

🚪 How Farah became a Clinical Lead at Livi through the side door – helped by her experience completing a Tech Entrepreneurship course at Harvard

👩‍💻 The benefits of remote working.. and the downsides.. ie not leaving the house as much..!

🚀 How great tech in remote companies can improve your clinical work as a doctor or GP

🕹️ Thoughts on other remote non-clinical opportunities and how to access them

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