Alternative Careers for Doctors that Pay Well

This podcast episode gives us an overview of what led Anna Klepchukova to move into health tech and relocate to the UK. Additionally, Anna provides tips on maximizing income through career choices and designing a financially viable path.

Our special guest today is Anna Klepchukova, an experienced professional in clinical medicine, product management, and the digital health and pharmaceutical industries. With a passion for using innovative technologies to improve global health, Anna is here to share her insights.

In this episode, Abeyna and Anna cover:

💹 How money factored into Anna’s clinical and non-clinical career choices

🔀 The difference in pay between Pharma and Health Tech Careers

📐 What I, M and T shaped professionals mean and which of these companies really values

💸 Ways to boost your income beyond baseline salaries

📡 Which roles are offering £200k+ in salary

Join us for an engaging conversation as Anna shares her expertise on these important topics. Let’s explore how doctors can navigate their careers and achieve their financial goals in the ever-changing world of healthcare and technology.

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