Doctors on Social Media: How to Monetise Your Influence

Dr. Vanita Rattan's story serves as a powerful example of how doctors can pursue alternative careers and make a significant impact beyond traditional medical practice.


In the world of alternative careers, doctors have been exploring new paths beyond traditional medical practice. Dr. Vanita Rattan is a prime example of a doctor who made a remarkable transition into entrepreneurship and social media influencerdom. Her story highlights the possibilities for doctors to pursue alternative careers and create a significant impact outside of the medical field. This blog will delve into Dr. Vanita Rattan’s journey and provide valuable insights for doctors seeking alternative career paths.

Discovering a Niche: Femtech and Skin Care for People of Color

After graduating from medical school, Dr. Vanita Rattan embarked on a unique entrepreneurial journey. She identified a gap in the market for skincare products tailored specifically for people of color. Recognizing that the majority of skincare products were formulated for Caucasian skin, she decided to develop a global brand that focused on addressing the unique skincare concerns of individuals with diverse skin tones. Dr. Vanita Rattan’s journey as a cosmetic formulator allowed her to create products with ingredients that catered to the needs of people of color, such as hyperpigmentation and melanocyte regulation.

Monetizing a Personal Brand: The Power of Social Media

Dr. Vanita Rattan emphasizes that becoming a successful social media influencer requires dedication, hard work, and a well-positioned personal brand. While viral success may be rare and unsustainable, building a strong and authentic personal brand can lead to long-term success. Dr. Vanita Rattan opted for a non-sponsored approach, prioritizing evidence-based information and avoiding sponsorships that could compromise her followers’ trust. By staying true to her passion and providing value through educational content, she has cultivated a large following of individuals interested in skincare, particularly those with skin of color.

The Importance of Collaboration and Engagement

Dr. Vanita Rattan’s success as an entrepreneur and social media influencer is not solely attributed to her expertise but also her collaborative approach with her followers. She actively involves her audience in the product development process, seeking their input on the next skincare offerings. Through polls, stories, and engagement, she harnesses the collective wisdom of her followers, ensuring that her products resonate with their needs and preferences. This collaborative approach not only strengthens her bond with her followers but also contributes to the success and relevance of her brand.

Expanding Horizons: The Value of Multiple Skills

Dr. Vanita Rattan’s entrepreneurial journey exemplifies the significance of acquiring multiple skills beyond a medical degree. She encourages doctors to explore the intersections between medicine and other disciplines, such as technology, AI, photography, or food. By combining their medical knowledge with diverse skills, doctors can uncover unique opportunities and create solutions that address unmet needs. In today’s rapidly evolving world, having a growth mindset and being open to acquiring new skills can be a differentiating factor between success and failure.


Dr. Vanita Rattan’s story serves as a powerful example of how doctors can pursue alternative careers and make a significant impact beyond traditional medical practice. Her entrepreneurial journey, coupled with her success as a social media influencer, showcases the possibilities for doctors to leverage their medical knowledge and expertise in innovative ways. By embracing collaboration, cultivating a strong personal brand, and continuously expanding their skill set, doctors can embark on fulfilling alternative career paths while making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Remember, alternative careers for doctors are not limited to a select few. With the right mindset, passion, and determination, doctors can carve their own paths and thrive in new domains, contributing their expertise and skills to various industries and communities.

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