Networking for Doctors: How to Mega Your Chances of Getting a Job You Want

In this captivating episode, Abeyna and Johnny uncover the transformative power of networking in the realm of job opportunities. They delve into the eye-opening statistics that underscore the effectiveness of networking compared to traditional advertising methods.

Welcome to this insightful episode where Abeyna and Johnny delve into the world of networking and its profound impact on job opportunities. Together, they unravel the staggering statistics that reveal the superiority of networking over advertising in securing employment.

In this episode, Abeyna and Johnny discuss:

📈 The staggering stats related to how many jobs are achieved through networking vs advertising

🤝🏿 Why and how you network to uncover opportunities

🧰 The fundamentals you need before you start networking to uncover job opportunities

🤹🏿‍♀️ Different styles of networking and best practice ways in making the approach and avoiding awkward intros

Johnny is the CMO – Chief Medical Officer at Certific. He worked for a range of hospitality jobs and pursued his own business in events then became a Sales manager for NEC following graduation.

He Studied graduate medicine at St George’s, University of London graduating in 2015.

Johnny built a foundation training in North East Thames, then worked as an ITU fellow in London followed by a range of medical and A&E locums for 6 months working in a total of 30 different NHS hospitals.

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