Are Doctor Founded Health Tech Companies Important?

In this episode, Dr. Julian Nesbitt shares about his solution to an emerging mental health crisis, the common misconceptions about founding a health tech company, and how to balance life as a doctor-entrepreneur.

In this episode, Abeyna and Dr. Julian Nesbitt talk about:

🚗 How Julian decided on a solution to an emerging mental health crisis using an idea from Uber

📈 How he leveraged his position as a doctor when raising money and selling to the NHS

💭 Common misconceptions about founding a Health Tech company as a doctor

⚖️ How to balance lifestyle and entrepreneurship as a doctor

Dr Julian Nesbitt is an active NHS GP and former A and E and Psychiatric doctor. He is the founder and CEO of Dr Julian Medical Group Ltd. He founded the Dr Julian Online Mental Health Platform due to his frustration of patients not being able to get adequate mental health support.

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