Junior Doctor Contract Debate Continues

We continue to cover and reflect on the junior doctor contract debate. Here we share an update as striking is seeming very likely

An Update on the junior doctor contract debate…

The strikes that were cancelled in December are now scheduled to be back on for the first couple of months in 2016.

Striking is without a doubt an effective negotiation tool, see my earlier blog on tube drivers vs. FY Doctors. As a result of the tube strikes in the summer of 2015, we saw the delay of the all night weekend Tube in London. Perhaps, it is the best way for doctors as well to get the government to really listen and make the guarantees with regards to pay and hours that both doctors and patients within the NHS need and deserve.

BBC News assesses the likelihood of the strike on 12th January going ahead.

It seems that trust is breaking down between the parties, with differing accounts of what’s going on. Not a good start that Jeremy Hunt seems to think that 15 out of 16 issues have been addressed (with only pay for unsocial hours remaining) and the BMA argues that the 15 issues have not actually been resolved.

Is walking out the only way?

Let us know your thoughts #juniordoctorcontracts #weneedtotalkaboutjeremy


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