4 Little Known Facts about the Royal Society of Medicine Membership

Russell Goodman Posted by Russell Goodman on April 29, 2017

RSM logo_smallWe’re all familiar with the Royal Society of Medicine as one of the largest memberships for medics providing postgraduate accredited medical education in the UK.

Established back in 1805, we at Medic Footprints view them as  one of the largest medical networks representing a diversity of health professionals and career opportunities.

Beyond the CPD and their grand offices in central London, we pick out some of our favourite tidbits which will be useful for the Medic Footprints community as they transition in their careers.

Becoming a member of the RSM can open up an endless spectrum of opportunities:public_events_lrg

1. Networking Events

We advise that all doctors network in order to leverage their career opportunities. RSM throw a variety of events each year – not necessarily specialty focused, with a variety of different topics such as:

  • A masterclass in head and neck anaesthesia
  • The challenges of delivering women’s health globally
  • Insight into the career pathway of medical officers in the armed forces

2. Overseas Travel and Connections

Reciprocal club memberships helps get you settled on your travels (shared with over 50 clubs worldwide) – some of the events they hold are overseas, for example:

  • Summer overseas meeting in Bordeaux
  • Surgery Section spring overseas meeting in China – Beijing, Yantai and Xian

3. Wellbeing Support

The RSM offers extensive training, events, and master classes on a very large scale, but what about wellbeing? Next month several events are being held you might be interested in, including:life-863462_640

  • Female health, nutrition and performance
  • Radical change: A blueprint for the next 50 years of dying
  • Sleep and technology – innovating for the future

4. Discounted Membership Accommodation Within London and Beyond

shanghai-2098513_640Love to travel? Membership with the RSM makes this more possible with access to reciprocal clubs abroad and accommodation discounts.

Stay in central London for very little over £100 (a total bargain these days!)

Medic Footprints members get a discount with the Royal Society of Medicine 


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