5 ways to become a Health Tech Doctor

We share our top 5 ways to get involved in the booming health tech industry, and become a health tech doctor! Be inspired....

Looking for an alternative career as a doctor can seem a challenge. So here are our Top 5 ways to get involved in the booming health tech industry, and become a health tech doctor!

1. App Developer/Coder

Become a doctor who does code, aka, a developer doctor. With a professional medical background, learning to code and develop health tech apps is a leading skill set for this industry. If only so you’re able to understand and brief other developers. For more on app development, see here.

2. Marketing & Business Development

Become a lead marketer for the next big health tech startup. Getting an amazing product to market requires leadership, foresight and the ability to understand your target market. With experience in healthcare, generating new business heavily leans on knowing how it can impact end users.

3. AI Medical Researcher

Develop market-leading products at the height of digital innovation in the health tech industry. A born problem solver, this could be a fantastic role to become a health tech doctor, for those who can analyse and report various forms of scientific data.

4. Medical Advisor for tech apps

Continued digital innovation is developing ground-breaking technology which, when integrated into the world of healthcare, is shaping the future of how doctors deliver care to patients. But the coders need real experience and knowledge on how this can positively impact end users.

5. Founder / Medical Director

Got ideas? How about starting your own health tech company? A leader and visionary? You could either create or join a startup – bring together your wealth of medical experience, huge potential for business know-how with other people’s ideas and visions and who knows when the next breakthrough will come…

Bonus Health Tech Doctor idea!

Chief Tech Officer or Clinical Information Officer

If you have the background and expertise, these may be perfect leadership roles for talented techy medics in the right settings – the latter is a good option within the public sector!

We’ve promoted all these career opportunities for various companies through our website in the last year.
If you’re looking to get involved, why not express your interest and we’ll contact you as soon as the opportunities come up!

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Russell Goodman