3 Reasons Why Many Great Doctors Leaving Medicine Struggle to get the Industry Job They Want

Learn strategies for obtaining desired jobs faster, receiving fair compensation, identifying unadvertised career opportunities, accelerating promotions, and attracting desired paying clients.

Calling all doctors leaving medicine! If the move to a new career feels paved with obstacles and you’re desperate for truly helpful career change advice for doctors in the UK, this is the episode for you.

Maybe you’ve been applying for jobs and can’t get a response, your non- medical CV has nothing on it or you feel stuck because you’re convinced you have to take a huge pay cut and start from scratch to enter a new industry… but you can’t afford to do this.

What if we told you your career change doesn’t have to look like this at all. 

It doesn’t!

The biggest obstacle for most doctors leaving medicine isn’t a lack of relevant experience or connections, it’s not knowing how to sell themselves.  

So, in this episode, you’ll discover how to position yourself as an asset in a new industry and:

  • Get the jobs you want faster
  • Get paid your worth
  • Avoid spending money on unnecessary extra qualifications
  • Uncover what career opportunities are available for doctors – that aren’t even advertised
  • Get promoted quicker
  • Realise that perfecting your non- medical CV isn’t the thing that’s going to get you your dream job
  • Get the paying clients you want
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