C Suite Hopping: The Diary of an Interim CEO / COO

Find out how Guy Gross, Interim CEO/COO, developed a passion for business during medical school, ultimately choosing not to pursue a medical career after graduation.

In this episode, Abeyna and Guy Gross, Interim CEO/COO, cover:

🤑 How Guy developed his taste for business during medical school

↪️ Why he chose not to become a doctor after graduating

👀 What surprising essential skills decision makers value from doctors at a senior level

📈 We go through some of the basics of financial literacy!

🗑️ Why health tech companies fail

Guy Gross is an entrepreneur and former doctor who has worked in growth and innovation taking almost 50 companies into the private and public health and care spaces. He has sat inside the system advising in primary, secondary, and social care commissioning, and worked at the AHSNs. As a consultant he has advised the Boards of many large corporations around the World, and most recently was COO at 2 hypergrowth health tech companies, Teladoc and Psychiatry-UK in the UK. He now works with Rachel Murphy at The Grafter helping businesses to scale, grow and exit.

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