How to get into Pharma as a Doctor Masterclass

Insider information on how you can land a job in Pharma as a doctor.

How to get into Pharma as a Doctor

Are you a doctor SERIOUS about moving into Pharma this year?

Pharma is one of the most sought out careers for doctors looking for alternative careers, and probably one of the tough ones to get into due to the roles requirements and the high competition.

But we see doctors struggle with the same things in their journey to get into the industry which can take YEARS.

The reason behind this isn’t that most doctors aren’t good enough to develop a career in Pharma.

It’s a lack of mentorship, guidance, network and preparation in getting there.

Therefore we’ve lined up an excitingly diverse panel of highly experienced doctors currently working in the Pharma industry, who have:

  • tackled that career gauntlet themselves,
  • developed a breadth of experience in the sector and
  • have mentored other doctors in developing their pharma careers
  • Between them, they’ve worked or currently working at: Roche, Novartis, AstraZeneca, Kymab, Schering, Takeda and more..!

So we prescribe:

This Pharma Roundtable where you will hear about our panelists career journeys and unique insights into working in the industry alongside learning:

  • What breadth of opportunities for doctors are available in the wider pharma sector
  • How to position yourself as a prime candidate that recruiters and hiring managers couldn’t refuse
  • Top tips on nailing those applications and interviews
  • How to prepare yourself for developing a flourishing career as a Pharmaceutical Medicine doctor
  • What it’s like to train in Pharmaceutical Medicine

So if you’re one of those doctors at the beginning of a journey to pharma (or if you know a colleague who is)…let us help save you as much hassle and time as possible!

Who is this masterclass for?

This Panel is aimed at doctors who are actively looking to move to a career in Pharmaceutical Medicine in 2023.

.. and get ahead of the competition!


Dr. Jiten Mistry

Oncology Pipeline Medical Lead, Novartis

Dr. Ricardo Gaminha Pacheco

Physician Executive – Pharma and Biotech

Dr. Adam Hexter

Senior Medical Manager – Amgen

Dr. Abeyna Bubbers-Jones

Panel Chair

Founder & Director of Medic Footprints


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