Non-Clinical Consulting for Doctors Masterclass

This Masterclass is for you if you're a doctor who is actively seeking non-clinical / industry roles and/or want to get started on working for yourself through non-clinical independent consulting.

Non-Clinical Consulting for Doctors

Non-clinical consulting for doctors is the BEST first step for getting into industry.

When done right:

You can earn MORE than an employed (in less time!)

You get to access to new job opportunities that are NEVER advertised

You are in FULL control of the way you work

Despite these amazing benefits, most doctors will focus on getting an employed job in industry.

This can greatly delay the move, due to relying on a job becoming available PLUS the competition that goes with it.

There are several myths & obstacles associated with moving to industry that can hold you back from working for yourself:

  • Not sure how to get started
  • Employed arrangement is the only option for financial stability
  • Not knowing how to find clients that will pay
  • Feeling you need to do more qualifications first / not ‘expert’ enough
  • You’re too junior (or too senior!)
  • You don’t know how to ‘put yourself out there’
  • You don’t know what to charge
  • You need to set up a perfect website before you can start

Yes, these are real challenges, but have no fear..

We’re committed to help you to get started so you can

start moving to your industry career in a matter of weeks!

This feeds into our mission of connecting 1 million doctors with the best in diverse careers.

Who is this Masterclass for?

This Masterclass is for you if you’re a doctor who is actively seeking non-clinical / industry roles and/or want to get started on working for yourself through non-clinical independent consulting.

Am I suited for non-clinical consulting for doctors? What is it?

Consulting can be done by ANYBODY in ANY SECTOR. It’s a fancy term for doing offering your advice or performing service based contracted work for a client.

As a doctor, you can do this as part of a portfolio, a side hustle or jump all in if you’re done with clinical work.

What does independent consulting look like?

  • Working on a project as a named Chief Medical Officer for a medtech company
  • Advising for a pharma company who are selling a new product
  • Joining a project as Medical Advisor for a healthcare consulting firm
  • Starting a medical education company as a solopreneur
  • Offering life coaching services
  • Clinical content writer for several companies in the biotech space

The list goes on..

What will you learn?

The essentials on setting yourself up for success as a non-clinical consultant

How to find clients that will pay

How to maximise your earnings by selling & pricing high value services

You will also receive..

A 1-1 BUSINESS STRATEGY call with one of our experienced team doctors to help you get started

What experience do we have in consulting?

Through our company we have directly provided strategy consulting to several high profile companies on recruitment, employer branding and more… INCLUDING Consulting firms!

We have mentored many doctors in the community to successfully set up their own consulting services, enabling them to lead more flexible and autonomous careers.

How can we support YOU to achieve the same?


Dr. Abeyna Bubbers-Jones

Founder of Medic Footprints

Self-Employed Consultant Occupational Health Physician

Dr. Ola Abbas

Chief Growth Officer @ Medic Footprints

Self-Employed Travel Business Owner


Your investment fee supports us to continue as a doctor-led independent organisation on a mission to connect 1 million doctors with the BEST in diverse careers! Thank you!

This event is exclusively designed for doctors interested in exploring or embarking on a career in independent consulting, however anyone is welcome to register.

£149 – Non-Members – get 28-day access to the recording

£99 – MF Premium Members get discounted access for the duration of your membership. Purchase it here

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