Top 9 Coronavirus memes so far

The best memes circulating social media so far..

Most of us are in lockdown (unless you’re in Sweden, the Netherlands or a key worker), hence in direct relation to this there has been a surge in online screen time – much of it on Social Media networks.

As devastating as the pandemic has been globally – substantially impacted on life as we know it, inevitably human beings in the way of adapting to this new situation has taken to humour to lighten the load.

They also serve as important propaganda for the times, whether its to reinforce a message, raise awareness or perpetuate issues we have all faced more privately day to day.

Therefore with a view to remember some of the witty images and comments being shared throughout social media during this time, we list the best coronavirus memes our team has come across so far.

Top 9 Coronavirus memes so far


Coronavirus memes

With us humans being allocated one exercise outing a day, we need some decent entertainment / company to go out with!


Coronavirus memes

This comic image prior to social distancing and lockdown focused on some apt venn diagrams relating to how one felt at the time. This was also during the time when the Diamond Princess cruise ship was on quarantine due to a COVID-19 outbreak


Coronavirus memes

Stockpiling toilet roll was a topical discussion at the time. Did you ever notice that people you came across would totally slam others that were taking more than their share, whilst you observed the fact that they had just received 10 bulk deliveries of toilet roll from UPS?


Coronavirus memes

When social distancing was introduced – many people just did not get it.

For many it was an excuse to enjoy some of the best weather we’d had this year and go on a staycation at beauty spots across the country or simply go to the pub!


Coronavirus memes

With global PPE shortage for healthcare staff, some had to get creative.


Coronavirus memes

Another scarcity in PPE one – a take on the popularity of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) adverts.


Coronavirus memes

Everything’s online now including classes. Fewer excuses to flake out!


Coronavirus memes

With talk of doctors from all disciplines being redeployed to the frontline and being re-trained to use ventilators, you have to warn the public what they could be in for if they ignore social distancing guidance.


Coronavirus memes

With a worldwide shortage of PPE including face masks, some turned to other reasonable alternatives…

Have you come across any entertaining coronavirus memes? Do email them to us on mfteam@medicfootpr@abeyna-jonesmedicfootprints-org

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