Mental Health for Doctors

Support services tailored specifically for doctors:


BMA Wellbeing Support Services

The wellbeing support services are confidential services available to all doctors and medial students.  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The Wellbeing support services offer a counselling service or peer support.

This booklet shares the BMA wellbeing support available in your area.

Call 0330 123 1245 or Email


A free and confidential NHS service for any registered medical practitioner working within England (or have been within the last 12 months) and are registered with the GMC, with issues that may relate to a mental health concerns or addiction problems, particularly where these might be affecting work. Experienced GPs and mental health workers, with expertise in treating health professionals, run the service.

Appointments can be arranged through the PHP website or by calling:  020 3049 4505

All new referrals are assessed within 48 hours. It is a self-referral service.



A confidential, not for profit, psycho-therapeutic consultation service for doctors.  It provides professional and personal support, allowing doctors’ the opportunities to discuss through difficulties.

A London-based service, that is available for all doctors in the country.  Provides face to face and video consultations

Call: 020 7383 6533 or Email



Aims to provide support and assistance for medical professionals facing suspension, exclusion, investigation of complaints or allegations of professional misconduct, to help with the stress of the situation.  There is peer support from individuals who have faced similar circumstances.


A confidential peer support network for doctors and medical students with concerns about their mental health.  DSN believes that through support and contact with other medics facing similar situations will help recover.  It also campaigns to increase the awareness and reduce the stigma of physician mental health.



A confidential service providing face to face counselling service for all doctors in Wales. Provides access to local therapists accredited by BABCP (British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies).

Available Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm. Call: 0800 058 2738


A support website for doctors with disabilities, to help them overcome barriers they may face in the workplace, and facilitate a long-term, successful career.  Signposts to additional resources that may help doctors with disabilities.

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