Medical Salaries and Employment in Singapore

Salaries are generous in Singapore. Many foreign candidates are employed to fill highly skilled workforce vacancies.

Occupation Title

Min. Salary per month


Max. Salary per month


Opthalmologist 30000+
Cardiologist 25000+
Geriatrician 25000+
Senior Consultant 25000+
Consultant 12000 25000
Registrar 7000 11000
Medical Director 15000 20000

An employee cannot be required to work more than 8 hours daily, or 44 hours weekly.  Overtime hours can not exceed 12 hours.Employers usually offer a host of other benefits in addition to your salary. Examples of employee benefits may include sick leave, annual leave, maternity leave, incentives & bonuses, relocation assistance, healthcare benefits, retirement fund contributions, housing allowance, allowance for children’s education, childcare benefits, transportation reimbursements, etc.Employment Outlook and Salary Guide 2011/12: A Tool for Workforce Planning – Kelly Services

Review this useful Guide to Singapore Employment Act for further information.