Reviving Career Goals: Where to Begin

A career that enables a sustainable work-life balance is important for lasting success. Reviving career goals is easy once you start thinking about it.

reviving career goals

Congratulations on achieving a professional portfolio and meeting all the milestones you set yourself so far in reviving career goals. A combination of dedication, diligence and perseverance has really enabled you to reach your ambitions.

You have been successful in so many ways. You have shown your potential and ability through exam results, certified qualifications and fulfilling job roles.

Now, it is time to revive your career goals again

There can easily be a time when you stand at a personal junction, listening to the noise of mind traffic and failing to find clarity to navigate your career path. It may seem like you have lost your sense of direction and purpose. The journey you started is not the one you wish to finish. At that moment, it is so important to take a moment to pause and reflect. A change in direction needs a new level of planning, commitment and motivation. Reviving career goals is important at this stage. 

You deserve career satisfaction

A good starting point is to acknowledge that you deserve a career that gives you satisfaction, fulfilment, a sense of purpose as well as monetary gain. Reflect on all the reasons you chose your given career and write them down. Next, consider what has changed and how has your current situation deviated to make you feel less satisfied.

Another useful evaluation is to consider listing all that your current career facilitates for you and all that it does not. This can be insightful not just to ponder on the current time frame but also a projection of how things may evolve over time. The forward career plan can open new perspectives to whether this really is the career path for you and whether you can see it through the long haul.

Occupational burnout is a real phenomenon and important to recognise and action. At the same time, it’s entirely possible to lack motivation due to high stress and low satisfaction levels. It is often a combination of internal and external factors that ultimately decide career journeys.

External factors include the impact of relationships, dependent children, geographical locations as well as many other factors. At times these factors are within our control and at times beyond it. Nonetheless, a critical decision needs to be taken.

How Can You Revive Career Goals?

Revive your current career

There is firstly the choice to revive your current career. Here are some suggestions on how to approach this:

1. Analyse your current skillset

There may be the potential to vary your professional role and to tailor this to a specific niche or allow you to focus on particular strengths you have.

2. Grow your skillset

There could be additional qualifications or training you could undertake to add another layer to your role, such as a special interest or adding another facet such as teaching or leadership.

3. Review your schedule

Assess whether your current routine and schedule is in harmony with your work-life balance and what steps you can take to vary this.

4. Consider your work environment

Evaluate whether the work atmosphere is conducive to your overall career happiness. A transition to a new environment or team can often be a useful tool for a fresh start.

5.      Continuous Personal Development

Periodically ensure you work on personal growth and development to sustain a healthy work balance. Start to self reflect if you start feeling career fatigue again.

 Time for a new alternative career?

After a thorough thought process, you may consider an alternate career altogether.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

1. Do some research

With a multitude of career options, brainstorm your ideas and research all relevant information. Browse around the Medic Footprints website and check out our community Facebook group for ideas and inspiration.

2. Align your skill sets

Having so much educational experience as well as skills accumulated during working life, you will have a choice of utilising your strengths better in some careers over others.

3. Get active

Seek opportunities to sample work in a given field by volunteering, shadowing or reaching out for informational interviews.

4. Network

Through interpersonal, multilevel and social media networking, you can gather a wealth of knowledge and advice. LinkedIn is a popular choice for career networking. 

5. Upgrade your knowledge

Time for a refresher or a whole new qualification to help you pursue a whole new career. Check out possible alternative options over on our article Alternative Careers for Doctors: The Ultimate List.

Whichever decision you ultimately choose, personal choice is key. A career that enables a sustainable work-life balance is important for lasting success. Hence, my coaching services at Stethocoach aim to provide personalised coaching sessions to help realise outcomes, achieve equilibrium and maximise potential.

Reviving career goals is easy once you start thinking about it. I wonder if you will begin now?

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Dr Mehwish Sharif is a General Practitioner, Coach and keen writer. Special interests include clinical hypnotherapy and advocating for neurodiversity and inclusion.