Pharma Jobs for Doctors: How to Get In!

This episode discusses the challenges faced by doctors interested in pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry. It highlights the importance of doctors in the pharma sector, their unique skill set, and the diverse roles they can undertake within the industry.

If you’re looking into Pharmaceuticals as an alternative route to your career, don’t miss this podcast with Dr. Mayur Joshi, Global Medical Affairs for Top 5 Pharma and Joshi Life Sciences.

In this episode, Abeyna and Mayur cover:

🔭 An overview of the breadth of opportunities in Pharma and the core entry points for doctors

🛡️ Critical Mistakes doctors make when applying to Pharma and during their interviews

📝 How to prepare for an interview and key questions YOU should be asking the hiring manager

🤺 The role of coaching and mentoring in Pharma for doctors progressing in Leadership

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