How do You Get your Health Tech Idea Funded as a Doctor?

This podcast is a discussion on exploring opportunities in health tech/entrepreneurship and Dr. Treacy's funding experience.

Abeyna got the opportunity to speak with Dr. Harriet Treacy, the CEO of Beyondbmi. Beyondbmi combines doctor-prescribed medication with nutritional therapy and one-to-one personalised support to deliver health gains through the biology of weight loss.

In this episode, Abeyna and Dr. Treacy talked about:

  • How Harriet’s fascination with value-based healthcare which took her to Oz, the US and back to Ireland, led to a health tech idea that she got funded
  • How failing to get the right product-market fit, led to running out of money, a pivot and a subsequent raise having revisited her initial market research
  • How she leveraged her role as a doctor to get funding
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