International business coach and mentor in health and wellness sector

We hear from Emma Warbrick-Smith, who tells us of how she went from orthopaedic consultant to international business coach, mentor and entrepreneur.

International Business Coach And Mentor In Health & Wellness Sector

Read Emma’s story of how she went from orthopaedic consultant to impassioned entrepreneur…

Two years ago Emma Warbrick-Smith became an entrepreneur. She started her own business, around a full time Registrar rotation in Orthopaedics, completing her FRCS Orth and CCT last year. At the time she had an 18 month old daughter and was pregnant with her second child, a son, now 9 months old. Emma talks to us about how on earth she found the time!


If I am honest, I was desperate to get more of a work/life balance. I am not driven by money, but I knew if I could find a way of making extra income, then I could cut down my hours and become a better mum, wife and fundamentally have time to look after myself.  All these things had taken second place working full time in medicine. I loved my patients, but the management control over our time and daily activities had become all consuming.

After 15 years of training, I still had very little financial security

I therefore looked for that magic job – working flexibly, around current commitments – as the main breadwinner, we could have not afforded for me to give up any hours, earning a professional income and working less than full time. I was and still am very driven to succeed. I never thought it existed – that is until I became self-employed. I am now my own boss!

I also took a year out of hospital medicine to compete in The Global Challenge 2004-2005, Round The World Yacht Race on Barclays Adventurer. We came 2nd out of a fleet of 12 yachts. I was one of two watch leaders in a crew of 18 and yacht medic. That was an incredible time of self-development and learning about discipline and teamwork. It stood me in good stead for life as a medic as well as business!!

I always had a bigger vision for my life but had not found the vehicle to get me there – until now. Can any of you relate to this?


Liberating! Truthfully I have full control over my life; my income and my time.

Every day is different, it’s exciting and challenging.  It takes hard work but, isn’t that what we have all achieved in medicine already? That takes some staying power to succeed! I can be where I am needed – at home, at school, at work, me time, BUT on my terms.

Starting your own business takes self-motivation, perseverance, effort, being visionary and coachable, and consistent focused activity. You need to enjoy being a team player. To be really successful will take focused commitment and hard work, but you can do this alongside your life!

I am passionate about health and wellness and I work under the support of a global brand. This has given me the confidence to become an International Mentor and Coach as we have Investors in People Gold Award – meaning we are outstanding at training. My business travels with me wherever I go, it is completely flexible.

Lifestyle wise, I have the opportunity to travel all over the world, run local business meetings, and talk in front of 5000 people at training events. I used to be someone who thought they could only be a doctor! As a doctor, never forget that you have so much to offer beyond your medical skills.


I choose who I want to work with now and am always looking for driven, self- motivated, open minded coachable people from any walk of life to mentor and coach to become successful in their own right.


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