What do Career Coaches do?

Find out more about the fundamentals of what career coaches do in this 3 minute video filmed at one of our previous networking events.

what do career coaches do

Confused about what Career Coaches actually do for doctors?

This panel discussion which took place at one of our previous Alternative Careers and Wellbeing for Doctors Conferences, addresses this very question! Featuring ex-doctor Evgenia Galinskaya.

What do career coaches do?

The video summarises on guiding the professionals and people through career challenges.

There is a very important difference between coaching and mentoring, especially when it comes to career coaching for doctors.

Terms like coaching, mentoring, advising, consulting and even counselling are used interchangeably.

However sometimes they get confused thinking what exactly refers to career coaching for doctors.

Counselling or therapy is treating a person who is having some challenges in the present. As a counsellor, you work with them to resolve the issues of the past that may be holding them back and suggesting them precautions to deal with their problems.

Whereas mentoring means when you meet a person who aspires to become an element resulting from his own career or journey towards success and asking you to give specific guidance and advice which eventually becomes a very useful relationship. Coaching is considered more encompassing.

Coaching, more precisely career coaching for doctors, is about meeting the person in the present, who is likely to be a more functional human being and he possesses unrealised potentials, passions, desires which are mostly buried inside.

Coaching is done through self-provoking questions. Coaching also helps one to become accountable for what the person says. The same goes for career coaching for doctors.

So, a career coaching for doctors helps them to become a true human being meeting their goals in real time.

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