Diary of a Doctor CEO

Listen in to the discussion as it unfolds to explore why doctors, with their unique skill set, often make exceptional entrepreneurs, shedding light on the crucial mindset shifts required when transitioning from a clinician to a CEO in the dynamic world of healthcare.

Dr. Ben Maruthappu is CEO of Cera, Europe’s largest provider of digital first home healthcare. Moving services out of hospitals into people’s home.

Listen in as Abeyna and Ben deep dive into:

  • What motivates Ben considering his exceptional number of achievements in such a short time frame of his life
  • Why doctors make great entrepreneurs and the mindset shifts they need to make moving from clinician to CEO
  • How Health Tech companies like his hire, and why they don’t focus on qualifications or even MBAs
  • Sacrifices he’s made on his journey and how he currently manages a decent work/life balance with his young family
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