9 things Doctors Need to Unlearn to Achieve Career Change Success

Here's how to achieve career change success with Dr. Sven Jungmann, plus a giveaway of 10 free copies of his book "Beyond the Beside."

In this episode Abeyna and Dr Sven Jungmann cover:

🧗🏽 Why Sven chose to jailbreak from conventional medicine

🔎 9 things every doctor needs to unlearn to change careers from widening your focus to addressing your unfair advantage for fallback options

📚 How his new book ‘Beyond the Beside’ is designed to empower doctors like us across the world by giving you permission to JFDI

🎁 PLUS a giveaway of 10 free copies!

Sven serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Halitus, a cutting-edge device designed for detecting various conditions through breath analysis. The device specializes in cancer companion diagnostics, cancer screening, and is often likened to a revolutionary Theranos for breath-related health assessments.

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