Critical Steps for Moving into Management Consulting that Every Doctor Needs to Know

We bring you a webinar with Bain & Company to share what a Management Consulting does, the critical steps to take as a doctor before you pursue consulting, and how to navigate through the interview processes.

Management Consulting is a very popular move for us doctors to make as a career change but many of us struggle to:

  • Understand exactly what a Management Consultant does
  • Appreciate how the culture in consulting can support an excellent lifestyle and career prospects
  • Navigate through the interview processes – especially the Maths and Finance questions!

Therefore we bring to you our webinar in partnership with Bain & Company which aims to keep you informed on the above including:

  • Critical steps you need to take as a doctor before you pursue consulting
  • Insider knowledge on the day-to-day life of a doctor in consulting at Bain
  • Insights and tips on how to succeed the first time through the Bain application process

Forget what you think you know.. the door is now open for you to learn how Consulting can seriously transform your career journey from medicine!


Dr. Peter Radford  – Associate Partner in Private Equity & Healthcare at Bain, London

Dr. Daveen Rattan – Associate Consultant at Bain & Company, London

Host: Dr. Abeyna Bubbers-Jones – Founder of Medic Footprints

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