The Art of Career Suicide

A book review of "The Art of Career Suicide" by Chairman Kato, a medical doctor who COMPLETELY changed his life and is now a successful musician and artist.

A True Story About Leading a Double Life, Career Suicide and How You Can’t Please Everyone

In his new book “The Art of Career Suicide” all is revealed as to how a Doctor COMPLETELY changed his life…meet, Chairman Kato, a medical doctor, now a successful musician and artist. Guess what? He’s very happy.

You might think, Why would you go through the intensity of medical training, to “throw the towel in?” It’s career suicide, isn’t it?  That’s where this man’s story is different; it’s also not just a straightforward “epiphany moment” he had and never went to work as a doctor again.

There were months of leading two lives – one of a professional highly demanding A&E doctor, the other a musician, writing and trying to be creative. This lead to what most would consider an identity crisis.

What am I? Who am I? Carrying on like this meant becoming exhausted, not looking after himself and ultimately something had to give.

Trying to be creative when you’re stressed is not a formula that’s going to work for ANYONE. This also meant that the pressure of being offered further training and “career success” as a doctor was always going to block any ambition of becoming a successful and authentic artist and musician.

When Chairman’s final decision was made about his medical career after months (even years) of neglecting his health, happiness, and true authentic self, the huge weight was slowly…weighing less.

“The Art of Career Suicide”

So what’s the book about? It’s about making a change, a real change in your life, taking a risk, following your own advice and not the pressured opinions of your closest peers. Who knows you better than you do?

From the book: The Art of Career Suicide

“So I carried on as best I could, moving between medicine and creativity. I wasnʼt living very well. I stayed up for days on end trying to write music but deep down I knew my creativity was falling apart.
I didnʼt give myself any time to recover from the medical shifts I was doing, never allowing myself to rest and 
unwind from all the stress, the death and the suffering.”

Chairman knew the answers all along, but just tried to make it all work in the hope there could eventually be a “smooth transition.”

I think most people would be afraid to jump ship and take a gamble, and rightly so – especially when there’s been years of training, sacrifice, hard work, sleeplessness, commitment and so on. Is this what career suicide looks like?

This sort of shift between such large parts of your life is never easy to navigate – figuring out “what you do” is rarely easy and people who have that vision, are fortunate.


To hear more about Kato’s journey, check out our exclusive interview with the man himself.

To get a copy of the eBook “The Art of Career Suicide” click HERE.

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Russell Goodman

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