The Truth about Occupational Medicine Job Satisfaction: Why I Chose to Become an Occupational Health Doctor?

Abeyna shares her perspective on choosing Occupational Medicine as a career path. She discusses the advantages of this specialty, including the ability to make a significant impact, achieve a sustainable work-life balance, and potentially earn a lucrative income.

As a practising Consultant in Occupational Medicine, Abeyna offers her perspective on Occupational Medicine as a career choice – made when she was at a significant crossroads (one of many!) in her own medical career.

If you have begun thinking about doing something different in your career, this is a must-listen.

Ultimately all doctors want to make an impact and Abeyna explains the positives of this untapped specialty and some of the many advantages of a work-life balance that can be sustainable and relatively lucrative.

In this episode, Abeyna about:

🛣️ The CESR route for all medical specialities so that you can DIY your own training

💸 Occupational Medicine as a highly valuable investment.

🎛️ The many different pathways and opportunities to choose to start your own business.

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