The Truth About NHS Consultant Salary + Other Senior Doctor Myths

In this episode, Founder's Associate at Medic Footprints, Dr. Ola Abbas joins Dr Abeyna Bubbers-Jones. They talk about working as a Consultant, salary expectations, leadership and management trainings, and alternatives to becoming a consultant.

In this episode, Dr Abeyna Bubbers-Jones and Dr Ola Abbas cover:

  • How working as a Consultant is 95% political and 5% clinical
  • Realistic salary expectations as a Consultant in the NHS
  • Why leadership and management training needs to be learned as early as possible in your medical career to survive as a Consultant
  • Alternatives to becoming a Consultant
  • Why Ola is divorcing the NHS despite being a Consultant in 2 specialties

Dr Ola Abbas is currently the Founder’s Associate at Medic Footprints and a Consultant in Intensive Care & Acute Medicine

Read Ola’s article on the 5 Top Misconceptions About Becoming A Consultant In The NHS.

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