Employment Matters in NZ

Salaries in New Zealand are very attractive and taxation is relatively low. Doctors in New Zealand are the highest paid professionals.

GP’s tend to earn between NZ$112k and NZ$206k if they are experienced. Trainee general practitioners usually earn from NZ$70k to NZ$175k.

Specialists earn NZ$185k on average. Depending on the city it may differ (i.e. Wairarapa NZ$200k; Manukau NZ$179k ).


There is a multi-employers agreement for all the District Health Boards (DHB) in New Zealand, lead by the New Zealand Resident Doctors Association. Its worth reading through this, which will help explain pay structures and allowances as a junior doctor.

You will have to become party to the agreement and union by joining them within the first 30 days of employment. Otherwise you will be subject to an Individual Agreement which is usually based on the terms of the RDA, but mutually agreed between you and the DHB.

NZRDA and District Health Boards MECA – link to page with the PDF document on the NZRDA website.

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