Maximise your Move to Industry: The Doctors’ Essential Toolkit

Like medicine, getting into industry is about playing the game.

But unlike medicine, the rules don’t exist and the pathway is ill defined.


For many doctors, the move to industry can be quite the elusive unicorn.
You hear about doctors who have successfully made the move (seemingly either by accident or without trying).
But you’re still scratching your head as to how they made that transition and why it’s been taking you months or years to get that coveted first role in sectors like health tech, industry or pharma.

You dream of getting an interview and nailing it – for a job you know you’ll love.

In a workplace where you’ll be valued for your skillsets developed as a doctor and where you can GROW without the threat of burnout or toxic workplace cultures…

…in a reality where:

✅    You’ve got the passion and drive to contribute at a high level – but no experience in your sector

✅    Your CV seems very ‘medical’ – and doesn’t speak to the jobs you’re applying to at all

✅    Your LinkedIn profile is bare – and the only connections you have are simply other doctors in the same situation as you

✅    You’re applying to seemingly hundreds of jobs, and you hardly ever get a reply



Well, what if I told you that you don’t need to:

➡️  Do extra (expensive) qualifications to seem ‘credible’

➡️  Keep trawling through hundreds of job boards taking a spray and pray approach

➡️  Work for free to get your foot in the door

➡️  Wait until you’re more ‘senior’ as a doctor before you can actually make the move

➡️  Need to be hugely popular or upload a vid of yourself twerking on [insert social media channel here] to get noticed


You can certainly get the job you want with what you have right now.. yes.. now!

You just need to develop a crucial skill that most doctors simply haven’t nurtured..


(in a way that works for you!)

Dr. Abeyna Bubbers-Jones, Founder of Medic Footprints and Consultant Occupational Health Physician has developed her career .. in her own way…

..whilst helping thousands of doctors across the world to do the same. Many successfully moving into industry roles such as health tech, pharma and management consultancy – whilst quickly progressing to leadership level.

The Maximise your Move to Industry Course offers a comprehensive course for doctors who are taking that first step into industry.

100% online, self service and in bitesize chunks designed for the busy doctor who wants to get things right in first time in their move to industry… and fast.


Design an irresistible CV

Boost your chances to guarantee an interview

Get noticed to get hired

Curate a LinkedIn profile designed to bring the right companies to YOU

Protect against overwhelm & your precious down-time

Learn proven strategies to get the job you want on your own terms

It’s not just a ‘how to do your CV and LinkedIn profile’ course – the content is designed to get beneath the fluff so you will learn the fundamentals on presentation and positioning, whilst being able to develop a clear strategy which will get you the results you want.


My journey to a job at Google Health actually started off with Medic Footprints. Thanks for all the work you’re doing!



This course isn’t for every doctor who is moving to industry.

Therefore we will only be launching it to limited numbers and for those who are ready to invest in themselves and will truly benefit from its content.

We will be continually updating the course with content & insider knowledge AND you can access ongoing email support from Team Medic Footprints and Abeyna as needed in your journey.

We are always with you on your journey! You needn’t do it alone!


We therefore welcome you to leave your details below to apply to be one of the first to access this course when it’s fully released this summer.

The introductory price will be £299 for 12 months access – ONLY available to those who apply.

Standard price will be £499.

As always, discounts will be available to MF Premium members.