Career Coach for Doctors

Lisa Stone

Over 10 Years of Experience Working with Doctors in Career Transition

About Lisa

Lisa has over ten year’s experience of supporting medics to transition in their careers. Previously, she worked as the Head of the Careers team with Kent, Surrey, Sussex Deanery having already developed a wealth of experience over 10 years of supporting doctors during their career transitions.

Lisa’s philosophy is to work with clients using ‘unconditional positive regard’ as the foundation stone of her practice. Carl Rogers, a humanistic psychologist in the 1950s, first developed this concept. What is means is that Lisa works from a place of having utmost respect for her clients.

Lisa works in a holistic way, which helps clients who want to change to develop their own learning and strategies for personal growth. Key topics of exploration include life purpose, quality of relationships at home and work, feelings, career and health.

Lisa is qualified in the use of psychometric assessments by the British Psychological Society, and also trained in the Type Dynamics Indicator.

We explore the Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTM&H), the perfect stepping stone into travel medicine and working in tropical climates

Why Invest in a Career Coach?

Lisa’s work with clients typically focuses on the following:

  • Leadership development
  • Better use of your skills
  • To get out of a rut
  • To secure better pay
  • Career change – including alternative careers for doctors
  • Increasing your motivation at work
  • Managing your work/life balance
  • Getting back into the workplace following maternity leave
  • Develop self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Finding your voice in meetings/large groups
  • Interview coaching
  • Wanting to start a business
  • Coping with stress caused by clashes between your personal vs. work values


Lisa is a professional member of the Association for Professional and Executive Coaching and Supervision. She is also featured on the Careers Development Institute’s registered list of career development professionals.


Lisa offers a range of complimentary resources for medics on her website, including a values tool; a decision making exercise and a summary of the latest ST1/CT1 competition ratios. All are designed to help you achieve your personal career goals.

Reach Out to Lisa

Call Lisa on 07766018081 or email her to set up an exploratory 20 minute free session by phone.

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