Freelance Career Coach

Lisa Stone

Over 10 years of experience working with doctors in career transition

About Lisa

Lisa used to work as the Head of the Careers team in Kent, Surrey, Sussex Deanery having already developed a wealth of experience over 10 years supporting doctors in their career transitions.

My philosophy is to work with clients using ‘unconditional positive regard’ as the foundation stone of my practice. Carl Rogers, a humanistic psychologist in the 1950s, first developed this as a concept. This means I work from a place of having utmost respect for my client.

I work in a holistic way, which helps the client find their own learning and life and helps people who want to change.  I may explore with the client: questions relating to life purpose, the quality of relationships (work and home), feelings, career and health.

BPS qualified in the use of psychometric assessments, I am trained in the Type Dynamics Indicator. I am also on on the Careers Development Institute registered list of career development professionals.


Lisa is a professional member of the Association for Professional and Executive Coaching


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