Forum User Policy

We totally believe in free speech, but within guidelines designed to support and protect the community!

Before using the forum, please do subscribe to the following;


Forum Privacy

It is important to be aware that this is a public forum. Therefore everything posted is visible and searchable online.

Therefore in order to protect your privacy and enable freedom of speech (like many other online public forums) we encourage you to create a username where you cannot be easily identified to the general public.

However in very rare circumstances whereby we are concerned for your safety and/or that of others, we may need to break that confidentiality / privacy with appropriate individuals.

If this is relevant to you we will let you know beforehand and discuss our concerns with you.

If you breach confidentiality / privacy of any other users or individuals external to the forum, you may be removed without warning. This includes sharing contact details which are not already publicly available or without expressed consent.


Spamming is prohibited

Spamming involves posting or advertising something which appears copy and pasted, without additional comment or reference. This can be done more than once.

Usually the post is inappropriate, unsolicited or unrelated to the forum or forum content.

We will remove these posts at our discretion. Any queries on this, please do email us –


Advertising is only permitted in certain circumstances

We welcome a wealth of information to be shared amongst the community, however we have specific limits on this to protect the quality of the community and our paying clients.

Advertising any opportunity (e.g. job, event or course) without prior permission or arrangement is prohibited. This also includes representatives from the media which may include TV companies, newspapers and researchers.

Recommendations or suggestions of opportunities with relevant links may be permitted, but these will be carefully monitored to ensure they are valid and within our guidelines.


Posted information is the opinion of the poster – not us!

Although forum comments by the community are mostly useful, it is really important you check the validity of information if you’re planning to act on it yourself.

Saying that, we do moderate what is posted as we, as well as yourself, are liable for the content.


We aim to mitigate or challenge misinformation

As above, we will moderate posts that appear to be factually inaccurate, incorrect and/or simply misinformed.


We have zero tolerance to posts which are deemed discriminatory against those with protected characteristics, or promote illegal activity

We will remove posters at our discretion who post inappropriately in this way. This can be without warning.


Please be kind to all forum users – even in challenge or debate

We believe in constructive criticism. Not trolling or slamming with no other purpose than to be mean.

The aim of the forum is to share a wealth of information amongst medics and make this available publicly. We want this to remain a safe space for medics across the world.

This is why we ask you register with an anonymous username to protect your own privacy and enable you to speak freely.



We will continue to add to this page, and let you know of any updates.

If you have any questions about forum use please email us: