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Amy-Jo Farrow

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About Amy-Jo

I have been where you are now…

Like you, I had high expectations for myself and went into medicine with the intention of making a difference.

Unfortunately, perfectionism, an idealistic mentality, and dedicating my whole life to my work took a toll on my health.

The fast-paced, high-pressure specialties I was passionate about were not compatible with my long-term wellbeing (at least not the way I was living at the time.)

I experienced burnout early on in my medical career

I knew that if I didn’t make some major changes I would likely perish.

My personal experience inspired me to become an Occupational Health Physician, Qualified Coach, and Speaker who cares greatly about keeping you well at work.

I help doctors recover from burnout using an evidence-informed approach advocated by the Society of Occupational Medicine.

Coaching has been transformative for my clients and I.

Let’s work together to achieve a sustainable balance in your life.

Why me?

I graduated from Newcastle Medical School in 2010. Since 2020 I have been working as an Occupational Health Physician.

I acquired a formal coaching qualification in 2023 after many years of coaching in my clinical practice.

  • Newcastle University – MBBS
  • Faculty of Occupational Medicine – DOccMed
  • Your Coaching Journey – Transformational Coaching Diploma
  • Member of Society of Occupational Medicine

Work with me if you want to focus on:

  •  Creating and enforcing boundaries
  •  Strategies to manage workload
  •  Combating imposter syndrome
  •  Reducing workplace stress
  •  Protecting personal time
  •  Time management skills
  •  Improving your health
  •  Increasing confidence
  •  Career planning
  •  Asking for help



“During coaching with AJ I had a lightbulb moment. My entire viewpoint on my challenging situation changed to one I could handle.”

– Hospital Doctor, India


“Amy is very skilled and experienced with a structured approach. Very personalised and thoughtful throughout.

She helped me obtain more self awareness of the things which deplete my energy. For me, it was moral dilemmas/distress at work. Also trying to be more aware of unhelpful thoughts I have.

I would highly recommend Amy to other doctors or healthcare professionals experiencing burnout!”

– ITU Doctor, Manchester


“Prior to working with AJ I had huge imposter syndrome and struggled to overcome this which, in turn, affected my thoughts on whether or not I could handle partnership

The sessions were brilliant. I truly felt listened to and understood by AJ who would take the time to discuss my aims at the start. Then through what I can only assume was some sort of magic she managed to pull answers out of me that I didn’t know were there.

I was able to reflect on specific experiences which I now understand led to the development of imposter syndrome. Now I have a variety of tools I use to prevent thoughts of imposter syndrome taking over my day. Talking with AJ also gave me the time and space to decide on my career plan – something I had been unsure about prior to our sessions.

AJ provides the opportunity to speak freely in a professional capacity, whilst taking into account the underlying thoughts and fears that come with struggling with imposter syndrome. AJ allowed me to feel safe, heard and understood.

I can’t thank you enough for giving me the space and support to work through my worries and for helping me to develop methods to combat them in day to day life. You really are a fantastic coach and I’m so grateful for the time and effort you put into our sessions.”

– Salaried GP, Scotland


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You’re well aware of the wellbeing and resilience training recommendations.

You don’t need generic and irrelevant advice.

What you need is a tailored approach that works for you and your circumstances.

You are the expert in your own life.

Let me help you to focus your efforts on things that will really work – for you.

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Dr. Amy-Jo Farrow

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