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Headhunting Doctors Service

Looking for an exceptional doctor for a unique non-clinical or leadership role?

We know how challenging it can be when seeking a doctor to fill a leadership position.

Particularly when this role requires a doctor who has already demonstrated they can think outside the box, having developed important non-clinical skillsets integral to the role.

Examples of these may include commercial, financial, management, sector-specific experience, entrepreneurship and more.

Over the years our team have partnered with a wide range of companies, to help them find and retain the best person for their team.



Why Headhunting?

Headhunting is an excellent solution for companies who have a very specific profile for a high level role in their companies.

Some companies may be recruiting for this role for the first time, and/or may lack knowledge or connections within the medical community to recruit effectively.

Most doctors are trained to be clinical – ie. see patients. A relatively small number have developed skillsets beyond this to compliment their clinical work which many companies find attractive. However identifying these doctors can be a challenge beyond our own network – there is no other place to easily find them.

Having built a large, high quality community of doctors over the years, we rarely struggle to find suitable doctors – the biggest challenge for our clients is deciding which one to pick!


How we work with you

The service is a combination of consultancy and recruitment which you will find invaluable to your organisation and future workplace planning.

Our team spends dedicated time with you to develop a greater in-depth understanding of the core profile of your ideal candidate and how this relates to your organisational and business objectives.

We conduct a specialist search of potential candidates in our existing community and personal networks of doctors, in addition to using other engagement techniques to identify candidates which are not available in existing pools.

We engage potential candidates on a personal level by using our team of doctors to make the first point of contact and establish dialogue we know is well received within our community.

We perform preliminary interviews to assess motivation, skills and cultural fit using informal techniques and provide a shortlist of candidates as per your requirements.

As doctors, we are always mindful to ensure all our candidates’ wellbeing is continually supported throughout the process.

How long does it take?

One of the benefits of this service, is that we continue to search until we find the right person for you!

Taking into account, we only take on headhunting projects if we are confident we will be successful, we have the capacity to produce shortlisted candidates to our clients within a few weeks.


Who do we work with?

We work with companies and organisations over a wide range of sectors.

The common ones for headhunting are Management Consultancy, Pharma, and Health Technology.

What roles do we headhunt for?

We can headhunt for a wide range of roles –  usually requiring a blend of commercial, clinical and leadership experience.

Examples include:

Chief Medical Officer, Clinical Strategy Advisor, Project Manager, Health Tech Clinical Lead, Management Consultant, Health Manager


How successful are we?

We are proud to report a 100% success rate in our headhunting projects.


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