#WhatsupDoc? RMBF Launches Mental Health Support Campaign for Doctors

Abeyna Jones Posted by Abeyna Jones on April 05, 2016

The Royal Medical Benevolent Fund – a charity for doctors in need of support, have recently completed a mental health survey of over 1000 doctors which revealed that 82% of doctors know of another doctor with mental health problems.

vital-signsDespite this, very few are likely to reach out for help and support out of fear of discrimination and stigma from their colleagues.

Having released the survey findings on their recent newsletter, they’ve commenced a campaign to raise awareness of these issues called #whatsupdoc, including a variety of media interviews, roundtable discussions with relevant stakeholders and a handy book called ‘The Vital Signs’, with general tips on looking after yourself, and signposting to places where you can receive help.


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