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For doctors & professionals serious about growing a sustainable income whilst helping others to do the same.
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Gain the career flexibility & financial stability you deserve..

Earning through travel is a great Non-Clinical Career opportunity for Doctors & Professionals.


It enables you to explore new cultures and enjoy the freedom of buying & selling affordable travel from anywhere—even the beach!


This opportunity helps you to monetise your travel passion, whilst learning high value skills in business and leadership - transferable to countless industries - including healthcare! 


Developing a sustainable income stream where you can work where you want, when you want, and for as much as you want - is priceless!


Our supportive community have benefited so much from this flexible business where you have full autonomy on your career.

We're on a mission to ensure all doctors achieve the financially stable career they deserve..

..all whilst having fun, growing & learning through travel!

"I love visiting exotic places without breaking the bank"

Joy, an NHS and private GP, has found balance in her life by setting up her own travel business as a non-clinical career.


She has saved and earned over £10K in 12 months, helped over 30 other doctors start their own businesses & enjoys travel breaks with her family.

Who are we looking for?

Doctors & other professionals seeking a non-clinical career who are passionate about travel, motivated to earn a passive income, and committed to growing with a supportive team of likeminded people.

If you're open minded, coachable, and motivated to learn new skills to achieve your personal goals - this is a GREAT fit for you!

Income that doesn't stop if you do

You're probably used to exchanging your time for money.


Like many of us you may have experienced burnout and stress and keen to find another way.

Setting up your own independent travel business with us opens up opportunities for you to earn passive income whilst working remotely.

Your business, your way

Whether you're new to business or you've done it before, you get a business in a box that's proven to work for over 116000 like you across the world.


As your own boss, you set your own targets.

You can work sometime, part time or full time. It's entirely up to you!

Hear from doctors in our team

Why did a Doctor, Vet & Psychologist set up a remote Travel Business?

with Drs. Abeyna Bubbers-Jones, Nina Adeyeye and Sanchita Chowdhury

Dr. Julie-Ann Mann 

Dr. Louise Paolini

Some of our Awesome Travel Partners

“I started this in January 2022 and I’ve not looked back!

I am a busy stay at home mum (to a 6 & 4 year old, 2 dogs and a rabbit). and I’ve been lucky to have booked over £20K worth of travel in the last 6 weeks!

I LOVE how I set my hours of work, work from home and most importantly still be available to care for my children.

When someone asks me why I am doing this, my answer is why would I not?!“

Dr. Julie Ann MannDr. Julie Ann MannGP

Earn money in 2 ways

Commissions / Cashback
from travel you book

Build your own team
through referrals

How it works..

Selling Travel

Your sister buys a family holiday for 3 at $2800.

Overall commission  (14%) $392


Your commission (70% of $392) - $274


A friend purchases a cruise for 2 at $2500

Overall commission at 16% - $400


Your commission (70% of $400) - $280


We see our team members earn 4-5 figure commission on group or corporate bookings.


All money paid into your bank account.

Travel Agent Only Deals

As a travel agent you get travel agent only discounts. We call them FAM trips.


Companies want travel agents to experience their services so that they'll recommend it to their clients and stay top of mind.



Want a 7 day all inclusive Mediterranean Cruise for £245? It's possible.

Referring the business

Your friend wants to get in on these deals. They're going travelling for 6 months. 


You refer them to the business and you get $50.


They refer someone else to the business on their travels. Your friend gets $50, and you get $25 for referring your friend.


And so forth.. You can also receive extra money based on their travel bookings - all for simply referring them! Hence the 'passive' income!

.. wait.. isn't this a dodgy scheme..?!

What we're not

Pyramid or Ponzi schemes work by relying on high investment costs, no real product and relying on you not doing better than the person at the top.


These are illegal.


Interestingly - normal employed jobs have a similar model.


You have to be promoted to move up in ranking and can't do better than the person at the top.


You trade time for money. .. and it's a legal norm.

What we are

Network marketing is simply word of mouth referrals that keep paying you over time for the same person you referred.


Not just a one off like a referral scheme or affiliate marketing.


Our business can only work if the product, the travel business, is a genuinely great one that people highly recommend.


Which over 116k absolutely do!

Network marketing is highly popular and no 2 companies are the same.

A highly ethical model

We love this equitable model that removes many barriers seen in the traditional world of work - e.g. glass ceilings, disability, toxic work culture, discrimination etc. 


Everyone starts off at the same foot.


The upfront investment is low at a fixed cost.


You can do better & earn more than people above you without their permission or needing to be promoted.


Everyone is incentivised to work together to achieve their personal goals.

.. and it's 100% legal!

As doctors, we don't risk our licence for anything.

“Too busy..?

LOOK – I have done this alongside a very busy job as an NHS GP, and so you CAN do it.

You have nothing to lose, and have everything to gain."

Dr. Kachi Kanu, a full-time NHS GP, wanted to travel more and create memories with his family.


Benefiting from numerous benefits as a travel agent, he now leads a team of over 20 travel enthusiasts and has saved thousands on family trips while earning commission on bookings over £70K for friends and colleagues.


He encourages others to do the same, even if they think they’re too busy.

We already have a diverse team who it works for

In full or part time work

Locuming or self employed

Wanting multiple streams of income

Parental Leave

Career break or retired

Business owner / operator

Famous Supporters of Network Marketing

Many of the world's most influential and successful people are huge advocates for network marketing including Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson and Robert Kiyosaki.

The richest people in the world build networks.

Everyone else is trained to look for work.

Robert KiyosakiRobert KiyosakiEntrepreneur, Author, Investor

Grow with us as a leader

Learn crucial leadership, business & communication skills.
Great for building a career in any sector.

Step away from the herd and learn how to forge your own sustainable career path alongside likeminded doctors & professionals.

Structured  live training

Engage in our live in person sessions led by doctors and global experts in the travel business. Designed to build your confidence, motivate and reduce overwhelm. Or watch countless trainings and certifications to help you grow your business for a lifetime.

Register as a bonafide travel agent

Complete the short mandatory training to get formally registered as an agent for a company with ABTA, ATOL, IATA & CLIA. Book travel anywhere in the world at exclusive travel agent prices!

Crucial Commercial & Leadership skills

Learn how to run a business, lead a team, network, leverage relationships, mentor others, market and grow your personal brand - perfect for those new to business, building on previous experience or want to boost their CV to wow employers!

Unleash your entrepreneurial & innovative mindset

To succeed you must take initiative, think creatively, and solve problems innovatively whilst strongly believing in your true potential. Don't worry - you'll have thousands of cheerleaders and team mentors to support your growth!

Let's take it offline!

Join In-Person events at fabulous destinations across the world with the wider travel family.

(The kid in the pic is one of the most travelled - 30 countries and counting because his mama is a travel business owner!)

Watch our visual podcast below with 
Dr. Ola van Steen - Director 
Dr. Abeyna Bubbers-Jones - Team Lead

Explore why more and more doctors & professionals are turning to network marketing & travel as a legitimate sustainable income.

Meet our Team!

Meet some of the Travel Doctorpreneurs 

Dr. Abeyna Bubbers-Jones

Consultant Occupational Health Physician / TD Team Lead

Dr. Nicky Ogston

Psychiatrist / Doctors Travel Lead

Dr. Kate Thompson

General Practitioner / Disney Travel Specialist

Dr. Ola van Steen

Consultant in Critical Care and Acute Medicine / TD Director

Dr. Karla Wright Allen

 Doctor and Coach for Women Physicians

Dr. Gina Nidd

General Practitioner 

Dr. Jogisha Kukadia

GP / Life Coach

Dr. Reiltin Tighe

Paediatrician / Doctors Travel Deputy Lead

Dr. Ada Chime


Dr. Nina Adeyeye


Frequently asked questions

What does it cost?Set up: £156 with a monthly fee of £46.

You can cancel anytime.

Is there a trial period? What if it's not for me?This opportunity is so good that it's designed to remove the risk from you giving it a try.

If you change your mind or it's not for you - you're offered a 30 day money back guarantee. 

After 1 year, if you haven't earned more money than you've spent on the business, you get the difference back.

I want to access the great travel deals but not keen on building a team. Can I still join?Many have joined just to access great travel deals for themselves and their family / friends which is totally great for creating amazing experiences and also earning an income.

However at this time we are prioritising applications from those who have the intention of accessing great travel deals AND building a team.

This will help us to grow faster and gets Medic Footprints closer to our overarching mission of connecting 1 million doctors with the best in diverse careers by 2030.

Is this only open to doctors?The majority of our team are doctors, however we welcome anyone who is motivated to grow with us. 

We build our teams with our own diverse networks of people from various backgrounds.

This sounds too good to be true..We see many people who think that and end up walking away from a genuinely fantastic opportunity that 110k real people and counting are enjoying right now!

Who will this opportunity NOT suit?This opportunity is unlikely to suit you if:

You are not interested in travel or making savings associated with it

You don’t want to start a business or develop an entrepreneurial mindset

You are still worried it’s an illegal Ponzi scheme or Pyramid Scheme

You’re not coachable or interested in mentoring – we are building a valuable team to support each other as we grow

You’re not open minded

Don't overthink it!

We are keen to hear from you if you're serious about thriving in your life & career
whilst helping others do the same.