Top 5 Reasons why Working Abroad is Great for your Career

Sara Sabin Posted by Sara Sabin on January 13, 2016


In an increasingly international world, it is more encouraged and easier than ever before to travel overseas. Advancements in technology mean that we can stay connected with friends and family even from the other side of the world and cheaper air fares mean that it less financially burdensome to travel.

What of the benefits for your career:

  1. Improved professional skills – depending on the country you go to you are likely to pick up skills that you may not have acquired at home (or at least acquired much further down the line in your training). Certainly in any surgical specialty, working in a developing country means that you will be able to perform procedures that you would not be able to do at home. Read Michelle’s Case Study.
  2. Renewing your passion for medicine – often, we find from talking to doctors that although they love the practice of medicine, sometimes working in the NHS gets on top of them. Rather than leaving altogether, often they just need a break to reignite their passion for medicine and they bring that new zest and enthusiasm back to the NHS.
  3. Financial and other benefits – the packages for expat doctors going to work overseas are often very attractive and mean that you can have a great quality of life. Check out the highest paying countries for doctors. You’ll have to work hard but you also have plenty of opportunity to travel!
  4. Personal Development – experiencing different cultures is good for you! It teaches you a confidence and self-reliance that is priceless – after all, we never grow unless we are outside of our comfort zone. That in turn makes you an attractive employee.
  5. Learning new non-medical skills – whether this is learning a new language (or attempting to), trail running, off-road driving. We always tend to be more adventurous when we’re away from home.

Check out our Overseas section, to help you seamlessly move overseas.

What are your reasons for going to work overseas? We want to hear your stories!

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