Dr. Tim Ojo – a Highly Experienced Coach, Mentor, Mediator and Trainer

Dr. Tim Ojo – a Highly Experienced Coach, Mentor, Mediator and Trainer

Tim OjoWe are proud to share the experience and expertise multidimensional coach Dr. Tim Ojo can offer you. He has a background in mental health clinical practice – specifically as a psychiatrist and over the last 12 years in medical leadership and management, to include serving as a Board-level executive within the NHS for the past 7 years.

To further add to Tim’s impressive resume, he also runs a boutique consultancy.

Tim OjoWho Does Tim Work With?

He is interested in working with clients who want to make authentic career choices with the benefit of a clear understanding of context and post-decision resilience.

If there’s one thing to note, Tim is passionate.

Through applying relevant bespoke conceptual models, Tim shares his passion for helping others with a unique and highly effective delivery.

Through these conceptual frameworks, his approach is particularised to the requirements of the client. Tim is a lecturer, a trainer, a workshop facilitator, writer and commentator.

His writing includes papers on –

  • Leadership Development,
  • Strategic Risk Management, and
  • Employee Empowerment.

Tim’s End Goal?

To help people identify and commit to a clear purpose across all areas of their lives.

Here’s a short video from our post – Identify Intrinsic Values To Guide Your Career Choices.

His fees are based on the requirements of the client and would normally start at about £150.

Find out more about Tim here on his LinkedIn page.

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