Promote Your Opportunity!

Medic Footprints is a social enterprise which promotes alternative careers & wellbeing for doctors.

We boast a growing network of doctors and medical students who are actively looking for career opportunities & events beyond the conventional.

Therefore, we work with a diverse range of organisations who are offering just that.

Below are 3 reasons why you should consider promoting your opportunity through us;


1. Our cost structure is bespoke to the opportunity

Flat rates are a thing of the past – we provide a quote according to many factors; the type of promotion you wish to have, urgency, renumeration involved and how interesting the opportunity is!

We advertise a range of public and private sector opportunities, including;

  • career opportunities
  • startups
  • projects
  • events
  • courses

Our rates are extremely competitive with a fantastic track record in fulfilling the objectives of those we work with. Hence whether you’re an individual setting up a project or startup or a large organisation looking to for several medics or specific medics to fill your posts, we can work with you!


2. We promote where the people at!

We can actively promote your opportunity to the most appropriate social networks, including our own, rather than simply posting it on the website. This is to ensure we get the right people to you.

We will provide updates on how your promotion is doing including suggestions on how we can make further improvements if required.


3. By doctors, for doctors

This is a doctor-led organisation with a deep understanding of how best to promote an opportunity to this growing niche target market of medics who are looking to step off the career treadmill. Hence we work with you to ensure that this is optimal before it’s posted to the world wide web.


To find out more, please send us a line regarding your requirements and how we can help.

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