PODCAST: 5 Ways Doctors Successfully Boost Their Way To Alternative Careers

Russell Goodman Posted by Russell Goodman on September 28, 2017

Hello Doctors and Medical Professionals

Ever hear rumours about, or heard of doctors who have either left clinical practice and/or developed a portfolio career, but have: no idea how they did it OR their achievements just seem WAY too out of reach

Based on over 3 years of supporting thousands of career-changing doctors in the UK and internationally, and her expansive network of diverse doctors achieving excellence in areas beyond clinical practice; Dr. Abeyna Jones, Occupational Medicine Registrar and Founder of Medic Footprints, lent her experiential knowledge in this field.

She was joined by ex-Hays recruiter, Conflict Resolution Consultant and all-round people champion @ Medic Footprints, Owen Bubbers.

If you weren’t able to attend this live, here’s the perfect opportunity to catch up…enjoy!

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