Preparing your Medical CV

Curriculum Vitae preparation is essential for any job application, especially in the medical field. Medics are expected to have basic primary qualifications, therefore everything achieved after this time is what sets them apart from others. Your clinical skills, certifications and post-graduate qualifications should be illustrated clearly in your CVand should be relevant to the post which you are applying to.

On an international level, the format of the CVs may differ somewhat, however they will all contain the same information. It is worth checking with the medical councils or institution which you are applying to to determine whether there are any pre-requisites for the structure.

We recommend that the most important information on your CV should be on the the first page, where the reader can easily determine;

  • Your Specialty / Career Aspirations
  • Your Specialised / Clinical Skills
  • Relevant Qualifications (to your specialty)
  • Current work position

Its no secret that medical CVs are generally much longer than other professions; most medics struggle to keep it any less than 3-4 pages long. The truth is, most recruiters involved in shortlisting candidates, will spend less than a minute reading through a CV. So for every letter, word, sentence and page you include, make it count!


  • Demonstrate your proficiency with Word – ie. no spelling or grammatical mistakes, maintain a modern and well formatted look. When sending your CV, advised to submit in PDF format.
  • Consider using an appendix for logbooks, journal articles, courses or anything which may take up several pages. Only include relevant or summarised information in the main body of the CV (ie. a summarised logbook)
  • Know the person specification if you are applying for a specific job. Make it obvious on paper that you’re the right candidate for the job.
  • The following sections should always be included in your CV: Work History, Post Graduate Qualifications, Academic (Research and Presentations), Clinical Governance Experience (Audits / Meetings / Involvement), Teaching Experience, Management Experience 
  • A list of your key clinical skills is important for specialised roles.


We advise about ways to improve your CV. We also offer a CV Writing Service for all medical professionals regardless of whether they are planning to work overseas.

If you would like to use our professional service to perfect your medical CV for any purpose, please let us know by submitting a request throught the Contact Form.

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