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Sara Sabin Posted by Sara Sabin on June 20, 2015

A big thank you to all of you that attended our networking event last night and special thanks to our speakers Zack Ally of Derma Medical and Joanna Christou (see their beautifully youthful photographs below). It certainly was a fascinating and informative evening (and as a non-medic I now think that I have a good grounding in the plethora of non-surgical procedures on offer!) I hope that it gave you all real food for thought on how to earn some extra cash using your medical skills!

Zack started by asking our delegates what they disliked about their current jobs in the NHS. A few themes kept on recurring:

  • Lack of autonomy over your own life
  • Not being paid enough
  • Fed up with the rigidity of the NHS

These are all good reasons to go into private practice in aesthetics, as our speakers later to go onto mention:

  • you can double your income!
  • take control of your life!
  • set up your own business if you want!

Zack is employed by a clinic and specialises in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, of which Botox and fillers make up roughly 70% of his daily business). He realised that after he had done his training, it was difficult for him to find work and so recognising this gap in the market, he set up Derma Medical. They provide weekend training courses for healthcare professionals AND also helps you to find employment after the course through their affiliations with recruitment agencies PLUS they give you tips on setting up your own practice. Basically, you should have all the tools you need to hit the ground running.


Everything you need to know (a total of 18 procedures) is covered in a two day course – 1 day Foundation, 1 day Advanced. You can just choose to do the Foundation course, which covers Botox, but the two day course will teach you the full range of procedures.

There is some talk of making the traning exam based, as early as October, so now is a good time to think about doing it!


  1. Work for a company – you get commission per patient and you can easily double your income. All you have to do is just come in, perform the procedures and get your cut!
  2. Set up your own practice – this is something that people can either do initially or after they have some experience working for a clinic, in which case it can often be run alongside your day job.

This is a road that Joanna has decided to take. Joanna, a former dentist has now started doing aesthetics full time and has been running her own mobile private practice for the last year alongside working in a clinic. She originally started aesthetics as she needed more cash.

80-90% of the procedures that she performs are Botox and she says that there are great profit margins on these procedures, especially with the low overheads that come by working mobilely!

Whilst she does admit that having your own practice is scary, as it is up and down; she has the clinic work as well which pays the bills.

I found it really interesting that she said that the client satisfaction levels in a private practice far exceed the NHS; and as she feels more appreciated, she feels happier in general with her job.


It is a good idea to join the British College of Aesthetic Medicine – you are an Associate for two years, before becoming a full Member after that.

Another successful event I think!

If you would like to see Dr Abeyna Jones’s interview with Zack and Joanna, check out our You Tube channel.

Post Interview

There are still spaces available for our next event on 8th July – From Medicine to Media Editor and Publisher. Sign up via our Meetup group today.

See you all again soon!

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